Multi-Techs foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides charity for the underprivileged in society with principal focus on the needs of people living with disabilities in our communities. The idea is to establish opportunities for their rights to be realized to enable them reach their full potentials in life. By working with local partners and indigenes we identify people easily classified as those living with disabilities, having poor educational backgrounds and disadvantaged youth in such communities together with whom we set our agenda.

It is common knowledge that across the world, people living with disability become more disadvantaged in accessing health care, high educational status, economic independence than those without disability. The fact that the average disabled young person irrespective of geographical location in the world faces some level of unfair inequality of opportunities cannot be ruled out; however, in parts of Africa, conditions under which they live can be unimaginably hard. We believe, together, we have an obligation to help in such situation if we can.

Multi-techs is convinced that an honest support for her charity means an effort in making a conscious decision to improve the lives of people living with disability in our region as she strives to create a world of realization of the rights of our brothers and sisters who by no fault of their own find themselves in such condition. Using Article 10 of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as the basic encompassing denominator for ideology our vision, we are set to help create an overwhelming awareness of the right of these people to life; by extension everything that makes life happen such as access to healthcare, education, economic opportunities, human security, social amenities and any other right available under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

According to UN statistics, there are currently over 650 million persons with disabilities throughout the world of which 500 million live in developing countries and 80 million in Africa. A World Health Organization source maintains that about forty percent of Africa’s population consists of people with disabilities, including 10-15 percent of school-age children. This percentage would translate into about 300 million people with disabilities in Africa. Disability is caused by many factors, including malnutrition and disease, environmental hazards, traffic and industrial accidents, and civil conflict and war, and the number of people with disabilities continues to increase.

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Together with our partners, a little research was carried out on the disability problem in Africa. These spanned across topics from disability patterns, the link between poverty and disability, and the effects of malnutrition on health, through to intellectual development. The results are being used to design effective intervention programs. It is believed that a more comprehensive periodic research needed to be carried out for us to have a full grasp of the situation to enable us devise more workable long lasting solutions.
Through empowering, collaborating and continuous learning together, we aim to build a sustainable future for people living with disabilities and the communities we serve. Our focus is to reach as many people as we can and deliver to them the youthful stage that was taken away from them either from childhood or accidentally on growing up.

Statement from the Founder

We are here to serve by helping the orphaned, poor, exploited youth and our people living with disability. We are a non-sectarian, non-political and not-for-profit organization that provides crucial support and training to our all manner of underprivileged people but with special interest in those living with disability that really need help. Disabled young people all over the world face unfair inequality of opportunities but in parts of Africa conditions can be unimaginably hard. We believe together, we have an obligation to help if we can.



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