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I.T IN THE WHEEL CHAIR (I.T.I.W.C) An educational opportunity to all manner of PLDs in wheel chairs with a special tutorial and practical design with fun and style that makes learning interactively easy. Our aim is to get them off the street and get them self-employed. As we do this, we are very gender sensitive.

Housing: A shelter that will be able to house those referred to as destitute among our people living with disability in order to have a regulated training support base for a successful program.
Mobility: Apart from providing wheelchairs to those without it, we will look at other modes of modernized motorized equipment that will help ease their discomfort as we enroll them in our educational program.
Life Style: They would become educated in Information Communication Technology to have easy access to valid information with communication opportunities, which is believed to enhance their hope and faith in themselves. This is believed to change their lives. It is believed that, for example, opportunities such as this will take them away from begging in the street.

Finances/Economical Statues: They would get employed and start making money for a better living instead of depending on the street begging all day.

Cordial interactions with some of our PLDs shows simple office duties such as photo copying, printing, scanning and other secretarial duties such as typing and designing are already being done in their domain. However, because of their situations employers consider their engagements as favours being done to them, and in instances pay them meagerly, thus entrenching the issue of stigma. Multi-techs believe with the advent of technology leap, PLDs should be reserved some special space in the public service regime where government would be seen as the pathfinder for the private sector and others to follow. This will surely enhance the self-esteem of other PLDs to shirk of their dependency on the practice of begging for alms as our aim is to get them off the street and get them employed after giving them skills and professional potentials. Our programs are non-discriminatory and very gender sensitive. We also ensure that we engage with both educated and non-educated youth on our various platforms.


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As a charity, we are concerned about the feelings we serve and therefore eager to know what they desire. Apart from humanitarian service that comes from other sister organizations and some kind of aid from the society as well as Government, we want to go a step further to help create life for as many people as we can to ensure they do not live on irregular humanitarian help.

Programs initiated are:

Education, Training, Health Care, and Habitat

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a sustainable future for our PLDs and the underprivileged in the communities we serve. Our focus is to reach, as many as we can and deliver to them the right to life as deserved by each individual.

Our Mission

Is to improve the quality of life and advance the right of the youth and  people living with disabilities.
To encourage the youth and families to participate in processes which enhance equality, self-reliance and long-term sustainable development
To provide practical support for family values to help curb rural-urban migration so that the youth can grow up to young adults within their own communities and contribute to indigenous development.

Our Values

Our values are our fundamental responsibilities towards the people we serve, as well as our affiliates and society. We recognize our values and while effectively translating our values into action, we conduct ourselves with utmost integrity, adhering to the highest standards of ethical and just conduct.


Our location :

Block # E 2 Site A, Jogis Street, Community 3, Tema - Ghana. West Africa

PMB 331 Tema.

Tel+233 (0) 303217874 / +233 (0) 273462929

E-mail: info@multitechs.org / dontate@multitechs.org

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