Youths Living with disability

Our focus on building a sustainable future for the youth and the communities we serve, challenges our resolve in enduring tactical programing. We have such prepared programs to ensure funds are judiciously maximized to serve the needed beneficiaries. Programs that highlight issues involving; youth empowerment and education, counseling, guidance and employment development and moral and civic uprightness.

  • I.T IN THE WHEEL CHAIR (I.T.I.W.C) An educational opportunity to all manner of PLDs in wheel chairs with a special tutorial and practical design with fun and style that makes learning interactively easy.
  • Our aim is to get them off the street and get them self-employed. As we do this, we are very gender sensitive.
    We ensure that we deal with both educated and non-educated ones. The educated ones take the software courses and the non-educated ones are trained in the hard ware sector. We therefore merge them to work together. We are concerned about their feelings and so we want to know what they are expecting in terms of humanitarism and some kind of aid from the society and also the Government as a whole.

People living with disabilities have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Sharing that wealth can help others advocate for themselves. That is the foundation for our (I.T.I.W.C) where people living with disabilities share their experience.

Seeing how their peers have done it, others with disabilities become better informed about their ability to become successful and useful to their communities.

  • They learn to exercise their rights to get to live their lives.
  • They become armed with knowledge and information to protect themselves from abuse and neglect.
  • Their study and know-how in information technology and information exchange will ultimately enable them become their own best advocates.


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